The Best Rug Cleaning Center In Houston

Bagdad Oriental Rug is the home of professional rug cleaning and repairing. Professional oriental rug cleaning from all over the world come to our plant to learn our system. for more info go to:

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    12 Responses to The Best Rug Cleaning Center In Houston

    1. CherryHillInc says:

      That is incredible!!

    2. cooolcars says:

      yes but it depends on how powerful your cleaning machine is.

    3. RamAirIndustries says:

      Very nice cleaning process!

      The only thing that would have made it better IMO would be if it were narrated.

    4. faribahrami says:

      Thank you for watching our video on how to wash the rugs, you are absolutely right it would be much better with narration. we just said well, action speaks louder than words and the process is quite clear but with your comment we might do some changes in near future please come back and visit us again. thank you for your time.

    5. yalandonya101 says:

      dametun garm fariba khanom kheili bahal bod kheili moderne karetun manam in karam dar brazil vali kare u take merc

    6. krystalcareinc says:

      Hey what’s the name of that song?

    7. maninpc says:

      oh man. thats what i want in my shop!

    8. qvocarlos says:

      I have never seen a thorough cleaning process like that. What did an area rug of that size cost. Is there anything like that in So. Calif?

    9. legionaire1962 says:

      Cool! Pearwood Carpet Cleaning Houston 832.350.0494

    10. deutschphotographics says:

      I have just photographed a working Mirza machine similar to this one. It is for sale in New York and will include an drying room.

      -mark deutsch
      516 236 8074

    11. carpetcarevideos says:

      @faribahrami Very nice job

    12. Brighteyes1ful says:

      Out of curiosity i wonder how much it costs and how long it takes to clean a rug as well as how much the rugs cost themselves?.

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