How do I get my husband home from deployment, to take care of our child while I go threw medical testing?

So my husband is deployed in Iraq on a 15 mth tour. I need him to come home from Iraq to take care of our two week old daughter while I go threw more testing on my brain and head. I started testing before I got pregnant but had to stop until my child was born. Now I need to go back to the neurosugeon and have more testing and possible surgery for a AVM in my brain. How do I get my husband home for the rest of his tour to help assit in takng care of our child until all my testing and possible surgery and recover are done? What do I need to do, I am not looking for him to just get emergency leave I need him home on rear d. Please someone point me in the right direction of information.

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    24 Responses to How do I get my husband home from deployment, to take care of our child while I go threw medical testing?

    1. BUILD THE WALL says:

      red cross

    2. Paully S says:

      Have him file for hardship leave!!!

    3. Blackguns says:

      Contact the Red Cross…you can call his 1sgt and let him know

      but until they get get red cross notification nothing happens

      have your doctor ready to say you cant wait til him gets home

    4. Barry auh2o says:

      Start with the Red Cross.

    5. grumpeme says:

      red cross

    6. pppres says:

      You’ll have to address that one to uncle sam.

      I am guessing that your testing is being done by military docs. If I’m correct, then you need to wrangle the docs over to your side, as they will be able to throw some weight around with the higher-ups to get hubby home.

      No promises, though, and I’m sure they’ll tell you the same. You may want to look into alternatives. Do you live near any family or close friends? If not, can you go to them? Could some other military wives/hubbies/army brats help you out? Does your insurance policy offer any type of in-home care?

      Hubby’s not out on a pleasure cruise, you can’t just "make him come home", unfortunately. You’ll have to use your wits for this one. Throw your weight around and make all the noise you can.

      Good luck!

    7. Jennifer S says:

      Hon, you’re gonna need pretty extensive documentation for this. Your doc is going to need to recommend that he return for this—and pretty much only if there’s no one else that can help you at home.
      That documentation will need to be sent up his CoC or thru the Red Cross. Commander will determine if he is indeed allowed to return home to care for you and your child. I think starting with sending it up thru the Rear D will be your first step—give them a call or have your FRG Leader call them for info and protocol.

      It’s kind of a hassle, it may or may not happen. I wish you luck though—on both accounts. :)

    8. archkarat says:

      Red Cross and hardship discharge. Though be ready for a fight. My brother got out of the army in 2003 and yet he was reactivated in 2006 and won’t be back from Iraq til late 2008.

    9. Julie-Anne says:

      you mean they never told you this??? You need to contact the red cross.

    10. Alastair S911 says:

      Have you and him file a family hardship through Red Cross and your command Chaplain!
      THANKS to you and your Husband for keeping the vigil and the light lit at night (he know’s what this means).

    11. mrs. nighs says:

      the red cross have your doctor tell them what is wrong

    12. mr doodles says:

      your doctor can do a lot of things for you. if he deems it necessary for your husband to be home due to the severity of you illness he can contact the red cross and they will do the rest in getting him home. you should try this avenue as soon as possible. i wish you luck in your endevors.

    13. upthcrek says:

      Your Dr. contacts the Red Cross / So do you
      You contact the 1st Sargent
      Your Husband applies for Hardship leave/discharge
      Both of you contact your Congressman

      Plan B. Get your family to help if all the above fails

      Good Luck with your problem I hope everything turns out fine.

      Please Support Our Troops and Civilian Contractors

    14. Yaktivistdotcom says:

      I would start with calling my Congressman’s office. If that did not work, I would contact both of my US Senators’ offices. All the other suggestions are good also, but when you have an issue with the Federal Government, your US Representative is supposed to be there to represent you.

      Good luck.

    15. J G says:

      red cross or he can take emergency leave (eml). He just need to contact higher command in his unit.

      Sgt. Gillett

    16. Rawbert says:

      Contact the Red Cross and explain your story to them. Have plenty of paperwork to back-up your medical condition.

    17. LittleBarb says:

      I truly DOUBT that the military will just let your husband come home while you are having the tests… HOWEVER, once surgery is scheduled, there should be no problem getting him hardship leave—BUT, once you are back on your feet, he will have to go back to Iraq…. unfortunately, it looks like this war will be a long one…..You will probably have to have notorized documentation from your doctors as to diagnosis and when the surgery will likely take place… THEN, once you have that information IN YOUR HANDS, take it to the RED CROSS and tell them your husband HAS to be home……. the military isn’t too happy about letting their soldiers come home for MUCH, and they MIGHT even turn you down —ESPECIALLY if you have family readily available to come help you out….(and they probably already know if you do or not)… but, no harm in trying….

    18. Jessy says:

      Obviously contact the red-cross (call them up to find out if you qualify) but you should have had prior documentation before he left.

      My neighbor is going through cancer treatment and her husband was allowed to stay home from deployment to stay with her during the treatment and once she is cleared from the physicians he will follow the unit to Iraq but that was a life or death situation.

      If you were allowed to hold off for the time you were pregnant then it must not be life threatening. Though if your doctors can vouch for the necessity of him being home they will understand that they will have to give the red-cross the information they need for the process to start, but I hate to say it but don’t count on it to go through, DO the paper work you need to do, but try to find ways to get by day to day. Call the new parent support program on base, they are really great. Also contact your reat det. commander or FRG to find out if you have the 5 hours of free child-care a month while your spouse is deployed. You need his orders with his name on it to use the hourly care and there are other times it is available too, its called GWOT. You will have to register with the post CYS center as well but the fees are waived when you have the orders with your husband’s name on it.

    19. roaddrvr43 says:

      Contact the Family support unit for your husband’s unit. Get a hold of the Red cross. Call your senator and congress man. Your doctor will have to make out a medical emergency report for you . Send a copy to all of the above. You should contact the unit Headquarter’s stateside. I watched a program on the Military channel where a soldier was granted emergancy leave due to his dad having a heart attack.

    20. Mrsjvb says:

      It may not be possible. if the military decides you have family that is capable of doing so, they will tell you that is what needs to happen. by the same token, the Command may decide that is can be handled by local friends and members of the command already left in Rear D.

      somethinga s serious as this should have been discussed before he left. If it was deemd safe for him to deploy, they probably will not be as willing to send him back now that he is already there.

      at the very least, use the American Red Cross system that is set up for this sort of thing. Your doctor will need to fill out all the paperwork necessary, and make a recommendation that your spouse be allowed to come home. but ultimately, it is up to the Command, and I seriously doubt, that if they wouldn’t let him stay behind in the first place, they will allow him to come home for an extended period.

    21. ArmyWifey says:

      Going to the RedCross first will not accomplish anything.

      You need to speak to your doctors and as others have said get documention that this is a life threatening condition. Then take that and proof that you have no other viable childcare options (don’t be surprised if the FRG, Neighbors and even Foster care are presented) to the RD Commander. Sit down and really talk to him, don’t present a sob story but a level headed explanation of what you need. Again be willing to accept help OTHER than your hubby! Then if you need surgery you will have a stronger leg to stand on.

      If the command feels it’s necessary/you show enough proof and are willing to work with them for the testing they will contact the CO downrange and help you with the Red Cross to get him home for a time. Again don’t be surprised if it’s only for a few days before surgery and the doc’s determined convalescent time after surgery. He may not stay home until the end of the unit’s deployment but at least he’d be there for that time.

      Contact the FRG and let them know you need help, especially the CO’s wife. It may not be your favorite option but that’s what they’re their for and you might make a lifetime friend out of the deal!

      Speak to the unit Chaplain/RD Chaplain as well and ask him for help. But don’t get your heart set on hubby being home at this point.

      This may sound really harsh but it’s reality. So be realistic about it and don’t DEMAND him home unless it’s absoloutely necessary then utilize the chain and don’t jump it unless you have to. If you have to then by all means do so but make sure you’ve done everything else first unless it truly is a life threatening situation or you will just embarass yourself and hubby. (Don’t contact your representatives yet! They will want to know if you have done all the above or not). Remember that there are hundreds of women going through similar situations and they can’t possibly send everyone home for every situation that arises. I know it’s tough but you can do it!
      Best Wishes

    22. conranger1 says:

      Sorry for your troubles but your husband is busy, you surely have other family to take care of the child, what can a husband do with a two week old daughter? A nurse or some other woman will have to be there to supervise him and what he does.

    23. mmr_518 says:

      First of all, you need to contact the senior enlisted of your husbands unit. Normally there will be an ombudsperson you can contact. You start there. Good Luck.

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