Can you get strep throat from the dentist office?

I have never had a problem with strep throat when I was a kid (I am 36 years old), however, after I recently visited the dentist…I came up with my first and really bad case of strep throat. I have suspicions that it’s been from the dentist because they stuck that spit sucking tube down my throat while i was getting my teeth cleaned, and then 3 days after is when the infection started. Do they sanitize those instruments at all and has this been the case with some people?

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    8 Responses to Can you get strep throat from the dentist office?

    1. natchomomma says:

      The tube they put in your mouth is disposable. They only use it once.
      You got it before that.

    2. 【ツ】MethodMan【ツ】 says:


    3. The Magic Answer says:

      you can get sick anywhere, even in the space shuttle… while you may not have contracted the pathogen there, you started having symptoms then…

      a lot of people have been sick lately… it usually happens when seasons change.

    4. T.J. says:

      Everything is completely sanitized for your protection.

    5. fgators216 says:

      no i doubt it VERY HIGHLY

    6. namairb2 says:

      They have to, it’s the law. Now if they actually were how much do you trust this dentist? Is it one you know and have gone to for awhile or is it a dentist that takes walk in’s when they aren’t busy to do cleanings. You should really trust in 1 dentist. Then you get to know everyone in the office and the type of people that go there. Chances are if it’s 1 you just picked to get your teeth cleaned then it might be possible. The timing is right. You can never find where you picked this infection up from so drop it, stop getting stressed out and just try to relax and get better. Your body heals much better if you try to get some rest. Good luck and God Bless

    7. Stephen T says:

      You sure can. It is highly contagious the first 24 hours somebody has it and somebody might have had it and been at the dentist and didn’t know it. They sanitize all their instruments between patients. They would get sued for malpractice if they didn’t.

    8. Jessica says:

      If they didn’t keep everything clean, they would get shut down really fast. They are supposed to keep everything clean and sterile – it is regulation. I’m sure you didn’t get it from that.

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