Can I change my cartilage piercing after 4 weeks?

I got my cartilage piercing 4 weeks and 1 day ago. I know i’m not supposed to, but whats the big deal? I’m going to put a clean gold earring in, and it will go in right away, and i’ll probably do a sea salt soak after. Is it ok to change it now?
I mean I would put the earring in like 20 seconds later. I mean it can’t close that fast, can it?

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    2 Responses to Can I change my cartilage piercing after 4 weeks?

    1. 10 Years<3 says:

      It’s possible.
      If your that eager to change it don’t do it yourself, go back to your piercer or any piercing place and have them change it. Some will do it for free (usually your original piercer will if they remember you and your polite) and some places ask for 5-8 bucks.

      If you do get it changed now, it’s probably going to get infected ( doesn’t matter if the jewelry is clean ), sore all over again, swollen, all that great wonderful stuff.
      And you will probably get hypertrophic scarring (bubble/bump things that form around your jewelry)

      And what exactly do you mean "it will go in right away"
      How are you so sure of that? Piercings don’t just stay open at your will and wait for you to change the jewelry.

      OH YEAH it will be closed up by then. I thought you meant like 5 seconds, it’ll close up at that!
      Piercings really do close up that fast, trust me. That sucker Will be closed, just go to a piercing place to get it change so you are gaurenteed to get it changed and don’t get pissed off if you try doing it yourself, it closes, and either have to waste more money getting it pierced again or deal with the fact that you probably spend 30 bucks for a piercing to be closed after a month because you couldn’t listen to the rules.

      The instant you start sliding the stud out, it will start closing. There is no "take it out reallyy super fast and put one in lighting speed". That’s why when you get pierced your piercer doesn’t pierce it, take the needle out, and then put the jewelry in. They follow everything through so there is something in your ear at all times.

    2. al. says:

      um, no it’s not. wait at least two months.
      it can get infected

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